In these troubled times, the classics can be an enormous relief. This is also an opportunity to finally read those books we’ve all been putting off.

As the first of a series of groups to tackle assorted classics, we’ll be running a daily guided reading of Shakespeare’s Sonnets, led by our own Dr Tim Jarvis (host of our Shakespeare Group). For those signed up, each weekday we’ll send out an email with some notes and observations about that day’s sonnet.

The group began on Monday 20 April (but you can still sign up). There are 154 sonnets in all, so we expect this group to last about 30 weeks. There is no cost, but we do encourage you to buy your copy of the Sonnets from us (and don’t forget $5 flat rate shipping within Tasmania!).

(Missed some of the earlier emails? You can find all of the past content here.)

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