Literature and literacy are in dire straights. It is well known that literacy rates in Tasmania are in serious need of improvement, with half of our state functionally illiterate. Even amongst those who can read, competition from other media can make it a challenge to devote the time to reading for pleasure.

To that end, over the next five years (2023-2028), Fullers is aiming to give away $100,000 worth of books to help promote literacy and the love of reading in our community.

The main way we’ll be giving these books away is through school excursions, the essence of which is this: when a group of students comes to the shop, they’ll each be able to chose a free book to take away. While they’re here, we can also talk to them about the world of books, and read them a story or two.

We’re also partnering with literacy organisations to support parents and other adults in their literacy journeys.

Contact us if you’d like to know more!