Bookshops and cafés seem to go together like… like… well, like books and coffee! You can tuck yourself away in a corner with your latest literary purchase, listen to authors speak as part of our frequent events program, impress your granny with macarons and real tea, hammer out your latest company policy somewhere classier than your canteen, rest your feet and recover from a city visit, or just keep an eye on Mount Wellington through the huge windows.

Our summer menu features fresh local ingredients and you can see our cabinet for sweet treats and nibbles. Gluten-free bread from Straight Up Coffee & Food available on request.

Lunch finishes at 2:30pm.


Muffin (Hobart Cake Company)

Sweet or savoury

Croissant (Jean Pascal)

Sweet with jam & butter

Croissant (Jean Pascal)

Savoury with ham & Swiss cheese


Your choice of bread served with jame & butter, vegemiote & butter or ricotta & jam

Chia & coconut pudding

Homemade coconut pudding with chia seeds, oats & Tasmanian organic honey, topped with seasonal fruits

The Afterword fruit salad

Seasonal fruit topped with Greek yoghurt, a drizzle of Tasmanian organic honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon

The Picasso avocado mash

Toasted Summer Kitchen woodfired sourdough, topped with mashed fresh avocado & feta. Served with lemon and greens

The Bronte bruschetta

Traditional Italian bruschetta with fresh chopped tomatoes, spring onion, fresh basil & olive oil served on woodfired Summer Kitchen sourdough with a balsamic vinegar glaze and rocket

The Singer salad

Apple, fennel & beetroot salad mixed with rocket, fresh greens and drizzled with pomegranate vinaigrette. Served with woodfired sourdough
$12.90 + ham, tuna or turkey $2.50 + salmon or prosciutto $3.50

Passion Pot soup

Daily soup by Passion Pot made with love, filled with local organic ingredients. Served with Summer Kitchen woodfired sourdough. See board for today's soup
Gluten Free, Vegan

Afterword dip plate

A trio of dips served with toasted focaccia bread, greens and feta cheese on the side
$13.90 + smoked salmon or prosciutto $3.50

The Summer plate

Fresh sliced tomato & bocconcini with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar glaze and basil pesto. Served with fresh greens
Gluten Free, Vegetarian
$13.90 + ham/turkey $2.50 + smoked salmon or prosciutto $3.50


Choose from our range of delicious Summer Kitchen vegetarian or meat pies. Served with homemade fresh salad and Lesley Black's tomato relish

The Writer's bagel

Pigeon Whole bagel with ricotta cheese, smoked Tasmanian salmon, dill & horseradish. Served with salad

Fullers veggie bagel

Pigeon Whole bagel with homemade hummus, juicy carrots, avocado & tomato. Served with salad

Toasties/ Sandwiches


Ham, cheese, tomato & spinach


Prosciutto, cheese, tomato & olive salsa


Turkey, brie & cranberry sauce


Tuna with capers, dill, lemon & mayo


Grilled mushroom, pesto & cheese

All our toasties/sandwiches are served with fresh greens


Hot Drinks

Ristretto, espresso


Piccolo, short macchiato, long black


Latte, cappucino, flat white, chai latte, hot chocolate

reg $4.20 large $5.20

Spiced hot chocolate

With cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamon & chilli

Pot of tea

English breakfast, earl grey, lady grey, Irish breakfast, Darjeeling, Russian caravan, orange pekoe, genmai cha, lemongrass & ginger, peppermint, chamomile, cold & allergy aid, rosehip, licorice, rooibos, jasmine pearls
pot for one $4.50 pot for two $9.00

Buddha's tears

White tea rolled in jasmine

Indian chai or dandelion tea

Brewed with your choice of milk

Hot elderflower


Soy milk, almond milk, rice milk & coconut milk


We use Villino coffee and Ashgrove milk


Cold Drinks


Vanilla, honey, chocolate or coffee

Iced coffee or iced chocolate



Banana or fruit salad with yoghurt, raw Tasmanian honey, Ashgrove milk & ice cream

See our fridge for a variety of cold bottled drinks