“The Island State, of an Island Nation, Tasmania itself is a collection of one main island (the 26th largest island in the world) and 334 smaller islands. It is truly girt by sea!

It is a wonderful place with an amazing array of different micro climates and environments. It has ancient rain forests, unique sea cliffs, mighty rivers and incredibly fertile farming areas that produce some of the worlds best produce. Tasmania boasts modern cities (which also happen to be some of the oldest cities in the country).

It has quaint towns and idyllic villages, but most of all, it has a people who are friendly, innovative, artisitic and fiercely proud of their Tasmanian heritage.

This book brings together just some of the amazing array of factors that make Tasmania such [a] unique place. It mixes adventure tourism and stunning scenery with fine dining and great wins and offers a glimpse into a world where there is still time to savour the really good things in life”.

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