Purchase a copy of Bruny by Heather Rose during the month of October and receive a voucher for a hot drink* redeemable at our Afterword café.

Book of the NOW, and possibly the great modern Tasmanian novel. Incandescent with despair-filled rage and ferocious with caring.  I wept while reading, over and over, at the painful truths and at OUR idiot carelessness … I truly fear it’s too late and we’re just helplessly bearing witness to the end of what we hold dear. On a lighter note (!) this is seamless and enormously entertaining story-telling for readers of all stripes and is packed with spit-your-drink-out-laughing swipes that Tasmanians especially will have no trouble recognising. – Cat

*The fine print: Voucher valid one month from date of purchase. Valid for regular standard coffee, tea or hot chocolate. (charges apply for upgrades, spicy hot chocolates or soy). No BBC/XYZ/Ferret points will be allocated for your drink. You must present your voucher as proof of purchase when redeeming your drink or you will be charged full price.






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