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Title Among the Islands
Subtitle Adventures in the Pacific
Author Tim Flannery
Publisher Text Publishing
Binding PB
ISBN 9781921758751
incGST $32.95

Twenty-five years ago, Tim Flannery set out to research the fauna of the Pacific Islands. Starting with a survey of one of the most inaccessible islands in Melanesia – Woodlark, in the Trobriands Group – the young curator of mammals from the Australian Museum in Sydney found himself ghost-whispering, snake wrestling and plunged waist-deep into a sludge of maggot-infested faeces in search of a small bat that turned out not to be so earthshatteringly interesting after all. With accounts of discovering, naming and sometimes eating new mammal species (and being both thwarted and aided by local customs in the process), Tim takes us on an enthralling journey through some of the most diverse and spectacular environments on earth. Also available: Here on Earth (Text. PB. $24.95).

Title Cartographia
Subtitle Mapping Civilizations
Author Vincent Virga
Publisher Little Brown
Binding HB
ISBN 9780316997669
incGST $29.95 Originally $90.00

From an early Babylonian world map to the map of the human genome, Cartographia is a celebration of the map, its origins, how it has evolved and how it has changed the way we see the world. Renowned picture editor Vincent Virga has selected over 200 stunning colour maps from the collection of the Library of Congress, highlighting the diverse uses and cultural importance that maps have held over the centuries. Pages from what is considered the first modern atlas, rare maps from Africa and Oceania, and a fascinating range of Asian, Mediterranean and European maps are accompanied by engaging text examining the maps’ historical and cultural setting. This beautifully presented pictorial is a great introduction to the wonderful world of maps and how we read them.

Title Great Journeys
Author Lonely Planet
Publisher Lonely Planet
Binding HB
ISBN 9781742205892
incGST $44.95 Originally $49.99

The Lonely Planet team continues to corner the travel pictorial market with a list of titles that utilise its global expertise, author insider knowledge and remarkable image library. Great Journeys invites us to travel the world’s most spectacular routes via an inspirational melting pot of travel destinations themed around a diverse selection of routes. The journeys kick off with the Overland Hippy Trail, which inspired Lonely Planet founders Tony and Maureen Wheeler to pen a travel guide that spawned a global publishing empire. Other routes comprehensively covered include Rail, Road, Rivers and Seas, Ancient Trade Routes, Literary Journeys, Walks and Pilgrimages, and Explorers and Conquerors. A lifetime of travels is deliciously crammed into this 300-page illustrated title, bursting with captivating images from every corner of the globe.

Title Great Railway Maps of the World
Author Mark Ovenden
Publisher Particular Books
Binding HB
ISBN 9781846143915
incGST $39.95

A unique, beautifully illustrated and comprehensive history of the world's greatest railway maps, and the railways behind them

The irresistible follow-up to the cult favorite, Metro Maps of the World, Mark Ovenden's new book is an extraordinary compendium of historical and contemporary railway maps and posters from every corner of the world. The history of the railway is the history of Britain – and France, and America, and Japan, and Russia, among many others. Featuring hundreds of images, covering two centuries of advertising, surveyors' maps, route guides, travel posters, photos and Google Earth maps, this is a book brimming with history, anecdotes, facts, and data. It is a must-have guide for every train fanatic, armchair or ticketed, as well as lovers of graphic design, history and the romance of train travel.

Title Lonely Planet Guide to Travel Photography
Subtitle 3rd edition
Author Richard l'Anson
Publisher Lonely Planet
Binding PB
ISBN 9781741046892
incGST $14.95 Originally $34.99

Expert travel photographer Richard I’Anson has been a mainstay contributor to the Lonely Planet Images photo library for nearly two decades. Covering everything from choosing the best camera and gear to fit your needs right through to composition, lighting and how to capture the best images from your travels, Richard’s guide to travel photography is crammed with striking travel images highlighting what’s possible. Whether you simply want to share your holiday snaps with friends and family or go a step or two further and exhibit or sell your travel images, this guide is the must-have companion for the traveller-cum-photographer.

Title Paris Underground
Subtitle The Maps, Stations & Design of the Metro
Author Mark Ovenden
Publisher Penguin
Binding PB
ISBN 9780143116394
incGST $29.95

'The Paris Métro is one of the most iconic transit systems in the world. Its classic art nouveau entrances, art deco candelabra, white-tiled stations and idiosyncratic maps are almost as recognizable city landmarks as the Tour Eiffel, Arc de Triomphe or the Louvre.'
- MARK OVENDEN, from the Introduction

Illustrated with more than 1,000 full-color maps, diagrams and photographs of the iconic Paris subway system PARIS UNDERGROUND is the essential graphic history of the magnificent Métro.

Title The Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century World Architecture
Subtitle Travel Edition
Author Phaidon
Publisher Phaidon
Binding PB
ISBN 9780714848785
incGST $29.95

A condensed version of the information contained in the critically acclaimed Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century World Architecture (Phaidon. HB. $275), this travel edition is pocket-sized and portable, ideal for the holiday or business traveller. Organised geographically and illustrated with global, sub-regional and city maps, the buildings are easily located. The book contains over 1000 buildings, each of which is illustrated with a photograph and accompanied by an address and brief description. The selection is at times controversial – for instance, the omission of buildings by Glenn Murcutt, Wood Marsh and Fender Katsalidis in the Australian section – but the handy format and broad scope make this an essential purchase for all travelling architecture practitioners and buffs.

Title Riding the Trains in Japan
Subtitle Travels in the Sacred & Supermodern Far East
Author Patrick Holland
Publisher Transit Lounge
Binding PB
ISBN 9781921924125
incGST $29.95

This is a fantastic collection of reflections on travel – the nature of it, and the questions it provokes about identity and mortality – from a wonderfully accomplished writer. In Japan, Patrick arrives in Kyoto late one night and cannot find a room. Deciding to ride the trains all night, he comments on the place of the homeless and the itinerant in Japanese society. In another story, he ruminates on urban China and its paradoxes as he describes his first experiences of living in China. His accounts of travels through Vietnam, the Chinese Himalaya and along the Silk Road are fascinating and deeply thought provoking as he draws on Eastern and Western traditions to illuminate his thoughts. This is travel writing with a difference – for those who like it with a touch of quiet and lucid introspection. Also available: The Mary Smokes Boys (Transit Lounge. PB. $24.95).

Title River
Author Brian Simmonds
Publisher Fremantle Press
Binding HB
ISBN 9781921888687
incGST $35.00

Artist Brian Simmonds brings Australia’s waterways to life with his oils and mixedmedia colour paintings and sketches. River features more than 90 beautiful illustrations, accompanied by poetry and prose from well-known Western Australian writers including John Kinsella, T. A. G. Hungerford and Elizabeth Jolley. This is a perfect contemporary souvenir book that captures the spirit of the Australian shoreline.

Title Shanti Bloody Shanti
Subtitle An Indian Odyssey
Author Aaron Smith
Publisher Transit Lounge
Binding PB
ISBN 9781921924118
incGST $25.95

Ex-punk rocker Aaron Smith finds himself desperate to leave Australia when he has a premature midlife crisis following his divorce. In addition, he has taken up with a coke dealer’s girlfriend and now the dealer is out to get him. So he escapes to India to ‘find himself’. Travelling all over the country, Aaron finds himself involved in a murder mystery, dodges terrorist attacks, and witnesses the tragic death of a friend. Along the way he befriends a motley group of travellers including Dangerous Dave, the hopeless poker player; Munty, the whinging Pom; and Carlitos, the bear-sized Spaniard who is looking for someone to have his babies. A funny and, at times, poignant read.

Title Surfari
Subtitle The Ultimate Surfing Road Trip
Author Tim Baker
Publisher Ebury
Binding PB
ISBN 9781864712124
incGST $34.95

All surfers dream of shedding responsibilities and answering the siren’s call of ocean swells. For most, it’s an ideal that recedes as family, career and provider fatigue overwhelms the wanderlust of youth. But what if you could shelve all your worldly pressures, pack up the family and a few trusty surfboards and hit the open road for the Great Australian surfing road trip? Inspired by the dreams of his youth, surf writer Tim Baker did just this. Surfari documents the state of surf culture and our coastline. It is a story for anyone who has ever dreamed of an alternative to the busy, microscheduled existence of work, school, shopping and the daily drudge.

Title The Big Trip
Author Lonely Planet
Publisher Lonely Planet
Binding PB
ISBN 9781742201924
incGST $29.99

A second edition of the ultimate guide to gap years and overseas adventures, published by the travel publisher known for blazing trails.

Your ultimate guide to gap years and overseas adventures.

So, you know you want to experience that ultimate overseas adventure – but where do you start? Right here, with the one-stop guide to planning the trip of a lifetime.

The Big Trip is your ticket to all this and more:

* Essential pre-trip planning: health, safety, kit costs, tickets, etc
* Volunteering and working abroad: from fruit picking to teaching, yacht-crewing and au pairing
* Regional overviews, maps and a diverse range of road-tested itineraries
* Tips and stories from travellers and experts
* Comprehensive directory of essential resources

Title A Family in Paris
Subtitle Stories of Food, Life & Adventure
Author Jane Peach
Publisher Lantern
Binding HB
ISBN 9781921382369
incGST $49.95

When Australian Jane Paech moves to Paris, her visions of afternoons in bijou bistros and bookshops on the Left Bank are kept in check by the needs of a young family and a long to-do list that includes apartment-hunting, school selection, and multiple trips to IKEA. Through a collection of sharp observations, insightful travel articles and laugh-out-loud anecdotes, A Family in Paris conveys the joys and difficulties of living in this most famous of cities. It introduces us to the Parisians and their eccentricities, explores the intricate rituals of daily life, and takes us beyond the well-trodden tourist sites to the best eating spots, boutiques, museums and markets that only a local could know about.

Title Paris
Author Janelle McCulloch
Publisher Plum
Binding PB
ISBN 9781742610627
incGST $49.99

It's hard not to be smitten by Paris. The city of love and light is one of the most enchanting in the world, but it also has a tendency to keep its best spots well hidden. After spending the last 20 years exploring the city, journalist and photographer Janelle McCulloch has discovered all of Paris' secret gems and shares them in this beautiful guide. From the stylish boutiques on Champs-Elysees to the irresistible cafes, tea salons and patisseries that make up the fabric of the city, you will find everything you need to know to have a true insider's experience of Paris.

Paris begins with an atmospheric guide to the arrondissements, each with their distinct personality, like the sophisticate 1st with its magnificent architecture and perfectly clipped trees, or the hipster 3rd with its avant garde artisans and cool cafes. Janelle leads you on a wander through each area, taking in architectural and design features and discovering secret side streets, tucked-away gardens and beautiful neighbourhood squares.

In the second half of the book Janelle shares her very favourite places to visit in Paris, with over 150 reviews of the most incredible and unusual shops, museums, markets, cafes and food stores. There's Laduree, the city's prettiest patisserie, or the stylish Calligrane, a store that elevates paper into a work of art, along with a whole raft of amazing ateliers, inspiring bookstores, secret design museums, stylish clothing boutiques and even fantastical shops filled with taxidermied animals.

Title Paris to the Past
Subtitle Travelling Through French History By Train
Author Ina Caro
Publisher Norton
Binding HB
ISBN 9780393078947
incGST $34.95

In one of the most inventive travel books in years, Ina Caro invites readers on twenty-five one-day train trips that depart from Paris and transport us back through seven hundred years of French history. Whether taking us to Orleans to evoke the miraculous visions of Joan of Arc, to Versailles to experience the flamboyant achievements of Louis XIV or to the Place de la Concorde to witness the beheading of Marie Antoinette, Caro animates history with her lush descriptions of architectural splendours and tales of court intrigue. Organising her destinations chronologically, Caro appeals not only to the casual tourist but also to the armchair reader. Caro's passion for and knowledge of France are so impressive that Paris to the Past promises to become one of the classic guidebooks of our time.

Title Unholy Pilgrims
Subtitle How One Man Thought Walking 800 Kilometres Across Spain Would Sort Out His Life
Author Tom Trumble
Publisher Penguin
Binding PB
ISBN 9780143205852
incGST $24.95

Relationship-challenged, with the résumé of a vagrant, Tom Trumble is at one of life's crossroads. So he takes up an offer to go on a seriously long walk – the ancient Christian pilgrimage of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, the domain of the devout. Despite his good intentions, Tom's route takes him into every bar along the way while crossing paths with the loopy and the wise, the pious and the distinctly ungodly. He finds himself contending with song-happy evangelists, unlikely scholars and enlightened globetrotters, and randy backpackers out to bed every pilgrim they meet. Not to mention his own very restless demons, some of which lead him to confront troubles he thought he'd left at home.