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Title The Artist's Lunch
Subtitle A Visual And Culinary Feast With Australia's Most Prominent Artists
Author Alice McCormick, Sarah Rhodes
Publisher Murdoch Books
Binding HB
ISBN 9781921259517
incGST $29.95 Originally $59.95

Accompany writer Alice McCormick and photographer Sarah Rhodes as they journey into the homes of many of Australia’s pre-eminent artists and unearth captivating stories of their lives and work. Over lunch, and in their own words, artists including Tim Maguire, John Olsen, Dorothy Napangardi, Jeffrey Smart and Tim Storrier discuss how food influences their work and then go on to reveal the processes and philosophies behind their art-making.

Title The Dressing Table
Subtitle Writings on Style
Author Clare Press
Publisher Lantern
Binding HB
ISBN 9781921382376
incGST $45.00

Glamour. Flair. Originality. Everyone wants these attributes, but few attain them all. In this book, Australian fashion writer Clare Press offers a guiding hand to those of us who aspire to be truly stylish, giving advice on everything from choosing jewellery to buying shoes, wearing vintage clothes and hosting evening parties or afternoon teas. Accompanied by photographs and interspersed with interviews with style gurus, this book is a celebration of all things chic.

Title Everyday Kindness
Subtitle Short Cuts to a Happier & More Confident Life
Author Stephanie Dowrick
Publisher Allen & Unwin
Binding PB
ISBN 9781742378244
incGST $27.99

Virtually every moment of our greatest wellbeing reflects the giving and receiving of kindness. At home, work and in the wider world, there are countless opportunities for a moment of consideration or kindness – given or received – to transform the day. In this intimate, deeply reassuring book, Stephanie Dowrick takes kindness as her inspiration and theme, imparting what she describes as ‘short cuts to a happier and more confident life’.

Title Happy
Subtitle Secrets in Happiness from Cultures Around the World
Author Lonely Planet
Publisher Lonely Planet
Binding PB
ISBN 9781742205885
incGST $19.95

This charming book profiles happiness secrets from cultures around the world, and shows how they can be applied to everyday life. While acknowledging that there are roughly seven billion ways to define ‘happiness’ (one for each person on Earth), this publication offers 55 specific examples of how different cultures invite happiness into their lives, including devoting time to honour family ties (Tsagaan Sar in Mongolia), being still with the present moment (zazen meditation in Japan), offering thanks (Thanksgiving in the USA) and giving back to your community (the Chilean ritual of ‘la minga’ work days).

Title Housewife Superstar
Subtitle The Very Best of Marjorie Bligh
Author Danielle Wood
Publisher Text Publishing
Binding PB
ISBN 9781921758850
incGST $29.95

Eccentric Tasmanian domestic goddess Marjorie Bligh is the go-to-girl for all manner of problem solving. The author of a library of advice books covering topics including food, household management, health and beauty, poetry, gardening and recycling, she knows what to do when a goldfish is constipated (feed it Epsom salts) and what to do when you run out of rouge (cut a beetroot in half and slap it on your cheeks). An illuminating look at a true Australian treasure.

Title How to Land a Jumbo Jet
Subtitle Visualising Travel Facts, Figures & Ephemera
Author Nigel Holmes (ed)
Publisher Lonely Planet
Binding PB
ISBN 9781742202280
incGST $19.99

This is a unique visual guide to the way we live, travel and inhabit the globe. Packed full of travel facts, figures and ephemera, the book is illustrated entirely with information graphics (‘infographics’) contributed by an array of designers from around the world. Colourful spreads illustrate everything from the causes and prevention of malaria (five African countries account for 47.2% of the world’s total cases) to a comparison of Big Mac prices across the globe (cheap in Ukraine and ludicrously expensive in Norway).

Title In the Firing Line
Subtitle Diary of a Season
Author Ed Cowan
Publisher NewSouth
Binding PB
ISBN 9781742233154
incGST $24.95

Forthright and genuine, Ed Cowan’s down-toearth cricket diary isn’t about fame, wealth and glory on the pitch – it’s all about the day-to-day realities of playing the game. And as the foreword by Gideon Haigh – one of Ed’s mates – makes clear, the life of a domestic cricketer has its share of challenges. Ed kept this diary to keep a clear head, and cricket devotees are lucky he’s decided to share it.

Title The Language of Flowers
Subtitle A Miscellany
Author Mandy Kirkby
Publisher Macmillan
Binding HB
ISBN 9780230759633
incGST $24.95

Created by romantic early Victorians, who carefully planned every bouquet and posy so as to deliver a desired message, the all-butforgotten language of flowers has recently been introduced to a new generation courtesy of Vanessa Diffenbaugh’s bestselling novel The Language of Flowers (Picador. PB. $32.99). This beautifully illustrated miscellany includes an introduction by Diffenbaugh, as well as 50 profiles of flowers, a dictionary searchable by emotion, and ideas for creating bouquets.

Title Moneyball
Subtitle The Art of Winning an Unfair Game
Author Micael Lewis
Publisher Norton
Binding PB
ISBN 9780393338393
incGST $19.95

Re-released in this movie tie-in edition, Moneyball is a terrific real-life underdog tale set in the world of US Major League Baseball. Billy Beane, general manager of the Oakland As, comes up with an unconventional way to build a successful team without spending a fortune. His method causes a storm of controversy in the conservative baseball world but his determination, vibrancy and lateral thinking inspires players, sports fans and business owners alike.

Title Never a Dull Moment
Subtitle Parlour Games for Young & Old
Author Sarah Baker
Publisher Murdoch Books
Binding HB
ISBN 9781741967838
incGST $14.95 Originally $39.95

These days, pin the tail on the donkey and musical chairs are about the only parlour games kids know. Sarah Baker has endeavoured to change this, compiling games and riddles, tricks and ctivities from various eras and cultures in this book of ‘parlour games for young and old’. It includes a plethora of interactive and imaginative activities that will demonstrate to kids that entertainment need not involve TVs, games consoles, electronic hand-held devices and headphones.

Title The Penguin Classics Crossword Puzzles
Author Ben Tausig
Publisher Penguin
Binding PB
ISBN 9780143119807
incGST $12.95

In celebration of the 65th anniversary of Penguin Classics, Ben Tausig brings together 65 puzzles (and 10 bonus ones!) about the series’ beloved books, authors and characters. Constructed by the top crossword creators in the business, these original puzzles offer a mix of straightforward clues, amusing puns and surprising twists, and are sure to delight fans of wordplay and lovers of literature.

Title Scrabble Alphabet Mug
Author Scrabble
Publisher Scrabble
Binding MUG
incGST $16.95

Created by Alfred Mosher Butts, an out-of-work architect from Poughkeepsie, New York, the game of Scrabble is now sold in 121 countries in 29 different language versions. An extraordinary 150 million sets have been sold worldwide since its launch in 1948. Delight Scrabble fans of your acquaintance with these affordable gifts for Christmas – the fridge magnets can be used for reminders, shopping lists and fun messages on the fridge; and the mugs make perfect Christmas stocking fillers. Also available: individual letter mugs ($14.95).

Title Scrabble Fridge Magnets
Author Scrabble
Publisher Scrabble
Binding MAG
incGST $14.95

Spruce up your fridge with a set of super Scrabble fridge magnets. Create useful reminders, shopping lists and fun messages. Practice your Scrabble skills everyday whilst waiting for the toaster to pop!

This set has over 100 magnetic tiles featuring the full Scrabble letter distribution plus the Triple Word, Triple Letter and Double Word score tiles.

- The Official Scrabble Magnet Set
- Over 100 magnetic scrabble tiles

Title Shoes for the Moscow Circus
Author Leta Keens
Publisher Pier 9
Binding HB
ISBN 9781741964677
incGST $19.95 Originally $59.95

Arts journalist Leta Keens takes us on an intriguing behind-the-scenes look at 28 specialist Australian trades and industries, the unique craftsmanship involved and the personalities who drive them. With so much production taking place offshore these days, it’s a revelation to discover that a diverse range of products continue to be made locally in workshops tucked away in city backstreets. Salvio’s Ballet & Toe Shoes really do make shoes for the Moscow Circus, just one of a surprising list of products that includes cricket bats, umbrellas, pianos, flags and bicycles.

Title Women's Stuff
Author Kaz Cooke
Publisher Viking
Binding HB
ISBN 9780670073696
incGST $59.95

Before writing Women’s Stuff, popular Aussie author and cartoonist Kaz Cooke surveyed 7000 Australian women and sought expert advice from researchers and consultants while strenuously avoiding advice from anyone who might have an ulterior motive (eg, cosmetic chemists with a stake in the beauty industry). The result is a massive tome divided into sections covering everything from body image to pregnancy, finances to mental health.

Title The World's Most Difficult Quiz
Subtitle The King William's College General Knowledge Papers 1981-2011
Author Pat Cullen
Publisher Liverpool University Press
Binding PB
ISBN 9781846316951
incGST $26.95

On the Richter scale of general knowledge quizzes, this torturous set of questions would have to be at the very top. The General Knowledge Paper (GKP) began in 1905 as a Christmas quiz set for students at King William’s College, Isle of Man. For the past 50 years it has also been posted in the Guardian newspaper to readers’ equal horror and delight. This collection from over the past 30 years also includes a set of new questions compiled especially for the book.

Title The Art of Conversation
Subtitle Food Edition
Author Louise Howland, Keith Lamb
Publisher Rajmahal
Binding BX
ISBN 9780980843514
incGST $19.95

The Talking Game that Everyone is Talking About!

A game by Louise Howland and Keith Lamb.

Designed to revive the Art of Conversation, TAOC is a fabulous way to make all get-togethers memorable. TAOC can stimulate conversation about all your favourite foods.

Food For all who enjoy food, TAOC cooks up a multititude of culinary adventures! Relish the love of food, sharing great times, discoveries and ideas with friends old and new.

From comfort food to cutting edge, talk destinations, eateries, tastes and chefs. Share ingredients, trends, education, ethics and much more.

Title The Great Penguin Bookchase Board Game
Author Tony Davis
Publisher Penguin
Binding BX
ISBN 5060069403087
incGST $49.95

This is the perfect game for bibliophiles! Suitable for 2–6 players aged six and upwards, it follows a Trivial Pursuit–style format. Questions are pitched to varying degrees of literary geekiness, so everyone will enjoy playing.

Title Vintage Postcards from Vanity Fair
Subtitle One Hundred Classic Covers
Author Vanity Fair
Publisher Particular Books
Binding BX
ISBN 9781846144677
incGST $39.95

A collection of 100 Postcards, each featuring a different and beautiful Vanity Fair Magazine cover.

From modernist wonders to striking art deco delights, this is a selection of groundbreaking and cosmopolitan jazz age design – all in one box.

Note: December release.